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Work Through Trauma at Unity FCI Therapy Services

Providing family, couples and individual counseling services in St. Cloud, MN

Traumatic experiences change the way the brain works. That's why people who have anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder experience intense emotions, act impulsively and have trouble sleeping. Luckily, you can manage your symptoms and work through your trauma in individual, family or couples therapy.

Unity FCI Therapy Services of St. Cloud, MN provides trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy in person and online. Interested in our family, couples or individual counseling services? Schedule a free 15-minute consultation by calling 320-260-6772 now.

Read this before making an appointment

Before you sign up for family, couples or individual counseling in St. Cloud, MN, you should know that...

  • Initial sessions take two hours. Our therapist will spend that time getting to know you.
  • We charge sliding fees starting at $120 an hour. We also charge travel fees.
  • Telehealth services are available to local and out-of-town clients. Local clients must meet with our therapist in person for two sessions.

You can set up an appointment for individual, family or couples therapy using our online portal.

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