Tutoring & Counseling Students with ESL, Emotional, and Behavioral Diversities After-School Program

Our Afterschool Program Combines Tutoring With Therapy

We provide ESL (English as a Second Language), tutoring for ESL, and children who struggle with behavioral and emotional adversities in St. Cloud, MN

Is your child struggling academically due to ESL, behavior or emotional issues? This tutoring program can help! Register your child for the afterschool program at Unity FCI Therapy Services at 1144 29th Avenue North St. Cloud, MN.

In addition to providing tutoring services, we help students and their family focus on their mental health as well. For example, we can help your child academically by coordinating with their teachers and parents, so that the child can learn at their best level.

  • De-stress by leading them through deep-breathing exercises
  • Communicating With Professionals On Enhancing Kiddos Academics Level and Self-Esteem
  • Family Will Be Getting Free Counseling Services
  • Become more confident in their abilities by teaching them something new
  • Become more vocal about what they need by working with them one-on-one
Our tutoring program is a safe space where children can form healthy relationships, set reasonable boundaries and learn in a structured environment. Call 320-260-6772 now to learn more.

Counseling is FREE for the kids and families who are registered in our program. Otherwise it costs $130/hour and Unity FCI Therapy has a sliding fee for members that are struggling.

Tutoring is available from Noon- 6PM!

Early Drop Off Center is from 6:30 a.m. until school (pending upon staff availability).

After School is from 2:30 p.m - 6:30 p.m approximately.

Tutoring Availability from Noon- 6 p.m (longer hours is desired but it depends on staff availability).

If schools are closed, Unity FCI Therapy Services will be open except some holidays or poor weather conditions.

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