Want to Help Students in St. Cloud, MN?

Become a professional at Unity FCI Therapy Services

Knowing another language including English, is a valuable skill, and you can put it to good use at Unity FCI Therapy Services. As a bilingual professional at our tutoring/ counseling center, you'll get to help students, parents and other individuals in your community. Most of our students are 6 to 13 years old, and they benefit from personal and attentive coaching.

You'll love a rewarding career at our tutoring/ counseling center in St. Cloud, MN. Take the first step toward becoming a coach, teacher, para professional, or counselor by reaching out to us.

Check out our career opportunities

You can find amazing full- and part-time positions at our counseling center. We're searching for:

  • Counselors - we need professionals with adolescent counseling experience
  • Volunteers - we're able to reach more young students with the help of volunteers
  • Bilingual helper - we're looking for teachers able to communicate with parents and help students adjust to new environments
  • Para Professional - we would love for more teaching assistants to join our counseling center
  • Interns - We encourage interns, who are willing to learn about the field and work with young children.
  • Administrative Assistant - Performs executive duties such as typing, knowledge with computer and excel, & other arrangements and tasks needed to control, operate, and organize business.
  • Coach - An opportunity to guide/ coach parents and children with their academics and skills building in our tutoring/ counseling center.
If you have a passion for education or helping those in your community, we're the place for you. Call us now at 320-260-6772 to inquire about our openings.

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